Bringing the World to Japan, and Japan to the World

Bringing the World to Japan,

and Japan to the World

  • Games

    Games | Scenario writing and translation, arrangements for voice acting / App development, device testing, etc.
    Scenario writing and translation Arrangements for voice acting App development, device testing, etc.
  • Screenplays

    Screenplays | Original work scouting for publishers; material translation for works like musicals
    Original work scouting for publishers Material translation for works like musicals
  • Translation of Info on Artists / Talents

    Translation of info on talents / artists | Japanese pop culture, pop idol info, writing and translation for info on talents / actors
    Japanese pop culture, pop idol info Writing / translation for actor / talent info
  • Support for Visitors to Japan

    Support for Visitors to Japan | Production and translation of promotional video, pamphlets, and other content; source gathering and writing by our multinational staff
    Production and translation of promotional video, pamphlets, and other content; source gathering and writing by our multinational staff
  • Comics and Manga

    Comics and Manga | Translations for readers around the world, even typesetting
    Translations for readers around the world; even typesetting
  • Video

    Video | Production and editing of subtitles and voice-overs in multiple languages
    Production and editing of subtitles and voice-overs in multiple languages

Translating entertainment for over30years.

Our vast knowledge and past achievements in a wide variety of genres allows us to provide high-quality service.

What is Lapin?

Lapin undertakes content production and localization, bringing content to the world stage as an
"entertainment service enterprise."

A worldwide Lapin network with coverage for around 30 languages

  • English
  • Korean
  • Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese
  • Indonesian
  • Malay
  • Russian
  • Khmer
  • Turkish
  • Burmese
  • Dutch
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Finnish
  • Ukrainian

(* Please contact us concerning other languages)

  • All translations are manually produced by native speakers
  • All target languages can be localized straight from Japanese
  • Specialized teams handle specific genres
  • A flexible production setup for one-stop service

Able to respond to all sorts of requests! A localizing third-party for all your needs!


Characteristics of Lapin

  • Low cost

    Optimized production flow using networks local to the target country, yielding incredible savings

  • High quality

    Only translators talented in Japanese and their native language are selected

  • Highly accomplished network

    Our network of individuals is vast and highly accomplished, allowing for one-stop production tasks

One-stop Production Support for Overseas Market Entry

  • Games

    Localization / LQA

    We don't just translate scenarios -- our services involving games are numerous. We produce core scenarios, arrange voice acting, and provide app development / device testing.

  • Screenplays

    Original Production Advising / Material Translation

    Using our experience with content produced in and out of Japan, we can find original works of entertainment like musicals for you to publish. We introduce productions of excellence to Japan, and productions of Japan to the world.

  • Culture

    Website / Blog Translation

    Our expert staff, skilled in Japanese and fond of Japanese culture, introduce Japan's pop culture to the world. We translate content from pop idol articles all the way to talent/actor production info.

  • Assistance for Visitors to Japan

    Production of Tourism Articles / Booklets

    We produce booklets, web content, and promotional material for tourism. We even have multinational staff living in Japan who gather source material for, and write, articles.

  • Manga

    Manga Translation

    We translate manga for overseas publishing. We don't just translate the text, however. We can provide typesetting, editing, and the localization of content to the country where it will be sold.

  • Literature

    Editing / Proofreading

    As your editing third-party, our staff translates novels from around the world, proofreads, edits, and even does desktop publishing and design. We also select and translate Japanese novels for publishing overseas.

  • Video

    Subtitle Translation / Dubbing Translation

    We translate subtitles and edit video, for instance, localizing dramas and movies from in and outside Japan to multiple languages. From digitizing to production and editing, our internal pipeline lets us respond to a variety of tasks.

Other Services

  • By never using an intermediary language when translating between languages, we strengthen content quality. For instance, when translating from Spanish to Japanese, we wouldn't first translate to English. Translating to English first before Japanese would lead to a loss of subtle nuance and quality.

    At Lapin, we do our best to make sure the meaning of the original language is not lost as we carefully localize.

  • Multicultural Censorship
    Under the supervision of expert staff local to your target country, our localizations can be conformed to match that country's culture.

  • Local Marketing Support
    Does your content match local needs? Will it be accepted?
    We answer these questions and more with business and cultural research.

Company Outline

In recent days, Japan's entertainment, culture, tourism, and other content have attracted attention from around the world, making ventures into foreign markets a vital strategy. To that end, localization and productions for each country is necessary.
However, that doesn't just mean a literal translation from Japanese. It's not uncommon that cultural backgrounds and viewpoints in target countries are ignored in the localization process,leading to content which fails to express its original appeal and art. No matter how much passion or money goes into a production or service, without the right coherence, the result is neither profit nor a positive company image.
At Lapin, "coherent translation" is our mantra, and since our establishment 30 years ago, we've built up the knowledge, networks, and achievements in entertainment translation that lets us provide one-stop, excellent localization along with services needed for multilingual productions, like sales and marketing support.

Feel free to consult us about any of our services.

Company Name: Lapin, Inc.
Incorporated: August 2010 (Established in 1987)
Services: Localization and production in all forms of entertainment
Overseas sales and marketing support

Privacy Statement

lapin, Inc. as a provider of translation and content production services, is fully dedicated to earning the trust of its customers, and practices appropriate methods to protect personal information.

  1. 1.Employees and workers of lapin, Inc.will strive to protect client information (including personal and company information) gathered in the course of their work.

  2. 2.Employees and workers of lapin, Inc.will strive to handle personal information in accordance with all laws and country-defined guidelines and models.

  3. 3.lapin, Inc.will, in regards to the gathering, use, and disclosing of personal information, will make clear the purpose and extent of its use, handling it appropriately for the scale and nature of its work.

  4. 4.lapin, Inc.will, for the purpose of preventing personal information leaks, destruction, or damage, create company regulations and establish a personal information safety manager to lead its management.

  5. 5.lapin, Inc.will maintain a vector of communication to receive questions, complaints, and consultation, and response appropriately.

Contact Us

  • TEL:+08-3-6712-5951
  • FAX:+08-3-6712-5952


Address:Barbizon104 8F, Minami-Aoyama 5-4-27, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

Feel free to contact us concerning requests, estimates, or with other messages.